In a competitive market place, two fundamental principles will determine an effective marketing strategy:

  1. The clear understanding of a company's unique values, goals and objectives
  2. Understanding your customers - and delivering information to them in a way they can relate to and which has value

This sounds quite simple and, in practice it is. As long as you have the experience and ability to dig through the clutter and noise of the market place. At AztecMedia we've enjoyed doing just that for the last 21 years and developed a customer base ranging from corporate clients to local industry.

We generate clever and effective marketing campaigns with a mix of components including branding, e-marketing, direct mail, PR and simple common sense. Fresh challenges are always welcome.

Direct Mail

Even with the advent of new technologies such as SMS and email messaging there is still a valid case for the well-planned and designed direct-mail campaign. We can supply and manage data, design inserts, mail and manage entire campaigns.


Well-crafted copy is vital for every document, brochure, website or marketing literature you produce. Our in-house wordsmith can take away the difficult task of writing copy for your next campaign or, finely hone every word of your own text.

SMS Text Messaging

Like email marketing SMS or text messaging is cost effective and instantaneous. Our data management software systems can rapidly disseminate sales messages and offers to your defined customers with measurable results. We can advise on data collection and most importantly, operating within the law.

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